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Hey Sassy Sis! My Name is Kimberly, I am the Creator Of Sassy Chic Designs. A women's inspirational Jewelry co.   What Started out as just a hobby at my dinning room table has now turned me into a mompreneur & business owner.

My Mission with SCD is to keep women just like myself, inspired,encouraged and reminded of just how VALUABLE we all are!! I know first hand how important that is. Just like the rest, I have had my share of struggles in life which I can now call my testimony & Blessing In Disguise.

God has Given me a vision on how to spread love and I am dedicated in doing that through my designed and carefully sought out pieces. I like to think of my jewelry as Colorful, elegant, bold, fun & SASSY with encouraging elements! The Goal is to spread encouragement with daily reminders that can be accessorized with any outfit. 

I hope to spread some of the love and inspiration that is needed to heal the world.  💖


 I am grateful you have blessed my Site with your presences. If you have any questions, Please feel Free to Reach out to me. Peace and Blessings  

                                                Kymmie H. 

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